esp's vision is to strike a balance between the different stakeholders in our firm. Our four pivotal stakeholders are the customers, the employees, the vendors and the owners. By striving to serve all four equally, we believe that we will also ultimately best serve the interests of each group individually.

esp will be the defining standard by which our customers and competitors will measure their document management systems. The strength of our company will be the unmatched service and quality standards that our people will provide at all times.

We will press to move beyond the existing definition of customer service and set the new standard. We are going to build customer loyalty with our exceptional service and by fostering strong, on-going relationships with our clients.

esp's intention is to be the industry's leading service provider. Our strategy is to grow relationships with our clients that are based on integrity and trust. By listening to our clients we will develop the necessary tools and programs to respond to their needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are committed to investing in our greatest resource, our people, in order to create a culture that will attract and retain the best talent. We will provide innovative solutions and the highest level of customer service to help our clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities.